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Monday, May 09, 2005

Space Ghosts, AL Edition

As promised, here's the American League's old parks from space. I don't include those parks occupied by two teams that I've already covered (e.g., the Polo Grounds by the Yankees, or Chavez Ravine by the Angels). Enjoy, and thanks to the commenters who noticed I missed half the teams out there.

Rob, how could you not find an aerial shot of the Polo Grounds when the Polo Grounds and not the apartment complex sat on Coogan's Bluff? ;)


Forgive me, but since I saw my first baseball in the old rambling wreck (yes, I saw the Original Mets---and lived to tell about it, even), I kind of feel impelled to defend the old girl's honour. But you'll have to draw and post the images yourself, since your program doesn't allow those posting comments to include the codes.
Oh, but you're quite wrong.

first link
second link

It's just old fashioned HTML.
Incidentally, ballparks.com says the park was actually in Coogan's Hollow, not Coogan's Bluff (which overlooked the hollow, I suppose).

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