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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Pickoff Moves, Lazy Saturday Afternoon Edition

Before heading off to see Jered Weaver tonight with Rich at the Epicenter --

Jay Jaffe Gets In His Soxploitation

At the winter meetings last year, Jay Jaffe confided to me that he was in the process of writing a (Red) Soxploitation book. I must have misheard him slightly, because he was working on a Red Sox book, only it was a couple of chapters, and not a whole book. The book, a Baseball Prospectus group effort, is titled Mind Game: How the Boston Red Sox Got Smart and Finally Won a World Series; Jay wrote the chapter on David Ortiz, which got excerpted on the blurb. Available for pre-order at Barnes & Noble, the book will ship in September.

Aside from telling us about the book, Jay erupts with some scorn at the Dodgers for allowing Gagné to injure himself, something we now know may have been misplaced because his elbow trouble stemmed from nerve issues rather than a failed Tommy John repair.

Lastly: Jaffe publishes an excerpt from License to Deal: A Season on the Run with a Maverick Baseball Agent, something I had forwarded to me, but decided against publishing because, hey, they probably sent it to a dozen guys before they stumbled across my name.

Roster Moves

As always, of relevance to the AL/NL West divisions:

Sheehan Gives It Up For Los Halos

Hard-earned props from Joe Sheehan:
The Angels have established themselves as the favorite in the division, a favorite with a below-average offense, an average defense, terrific pitching. That formula might not have worked in 2002, but in a year when no other AL West team is likely to crack 85 wins--acknowledging that the improving A's may yet worm their way into the picture--it could be more than enough to assure a third postseason berth in four years.

Chris Kahrl On Angels, Dodgers Transactions

I'm seriously just asking - why does the revelation about Gagne's real condition imply that it had nothing to do with coming back too soon from his knee injury? Couldn't bad mechanics have caused the nerve problem?
Damn -- I should have come up with a link for that. I could have sworn I read it in Carroll over the last couple days.

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