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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Futility: Blue Jays 2, Angels 1

I couldn't be a major league manager. During games like this one, the temptation would be to simply start clubbing the nonperformers to death, as a warning to the others.

Yes, the pitching was great. Lackey delivered his best performance of the year, squandered by -- of all people! -- Frankie. And the Angels just unloaded every single reliever worth a damn, so now if they need relief in tomorrow's game -- and they will with Santana on the mound -- the only guy who can go for them is Gregg.

Update: On the other hand, look at these splits:

                D a y     N i g h t
Pitcher       W-L   ERA   W-L   ERA
Santana       0-3  17.69  5-1  2.93
Mussina       3-1   2.58  7-4  4.34

So maybe a ghost of a chance. On the other hand, Santana's never had a major league road win.

Anderson needs to be taken over somebody's knee and spanked repeatedly. That goes twice for Finley, who I've just given up on. There's going to be talk of the Angels picking up Manny Ramirez, which is not a good idea. He's only a DH, and starting next year, Steve Finley will only be able to DH, and the year after that, Anderson. Ditto for Mike Sweeney from Kansas City (whom I can overhear Mark Gubicza in the next room blabbing about). "Smallball" is a crock, people, a fool's game.

Something is wrong with Vlad. Sore? Betcha a donut it's not his leg that's the trouble.

Jose Molina needs to be reminded that he is a goddamn catcher and cannot run out a bunt. Popping up to third was even more embarrassing, and I hope he remembers that.

This was the equivalent of a double header. What a crock.

Update 2: Of course, the game is broadcast in HD on INHD... so naturally it's blacked out here. Hope you had a good time with this one, Sean.

ESPN BoxRecap

Molina bunting was Rex Hudler's idea.
"Smallball" is a crock, people, a fool's game.

I don't know -- looks like small ball is what won the game finally for the Jays. :)
The White Sox don't seem to think smallball is a crock.
The Chisox are fourth in home runs hit in the AL, the Angels 12th (they've slipped apparently, to Oakland, oh dear).

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