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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Pickoff Moves, Pre-Dog-Walking Edition

Powered by XTC's English Settlement, off we go --

Bell's Bonus

C'mon, tell me you didn't want to know, too: Trevor Bell signed for a bonus of $975,000. I don't know if you saw him last night during the broadcast, but he's chomping at the bit:
"He hasn't pitched in six weeks, but knowing his personality, he'll want to go down there and throw rockets," Angel scouting director Eddie Bane said. "It will take a week or so to get in shape, and we want him to go real slow. We told him he's not pitching in Anaheim tomorrow."

Bell, 18, attended Saturday night's Angel-Yankee game and spent about an hour on the field watching batting practice. After seeing the Yankees and their many high-priced superstars loosen up, Bell said, "I want to pitch against those guys."


"It will be nice for us to get to see him," Bane said. "I'm still thrilled we have Jered Weaver, and I'm sure the teams that picked in front of us wish they would have picked him when they saw what we signed him for. Fortunately, Bill [Stoneman, Angel general manager] got all the headaches [of the negotiation] and I got all the credit [for drafting him]."

Just Say No

A sure sign the the Dodgers are smoking something:
"Everybody feels like we are the best team in the division," Bradley said. "We just have to put some wins together."

Dodger Stadium Plans

The Dodgers may be considering plans to build residential housing on the periphery of the parking lots, according to the Times.

Arte: Baseball In Mexico In "Five Years"

Arte Moreno, responding to rumors he called "absurd" in USA Today of the Angels moving to Mexico, did say he thought the majors could be in Mexico City, Guadalajara, or Monterrey, and soon:
"I think baseball is going to Mexico," Moreno said. "It could be as soon as five years. You have to have a group of owners that are real committed. They're going to have to build a stadium. I really think, if there would have been a strong ownership group, they would have been a possibility when the Expos moved."

And with that, the dogs are letting me know it's time to get moving.


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