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Friday, July 29, 2005

Pickoff Moves

Yard Work Moves

The new URL is http://www.yard-work.org. Please make a note of it.

Incidentally, did anyone else see this extremely weird "Seymour Hersch" piece about Autry wrecking the game?

Jered Weaver Schedule

Jered Weaver's remaining starts for Arkansas should be:

Date            Opponent
Sun. 7/31   @ Wichita
Sat. 8/6    vs. Springfield
Fri. 8/12   @ Round Rock
Thu. 8/18   vs. Round Rock
Wed. 8/24   vs. Wichita
Mon. 8/29   @ Tulsa
Sat. 9/3    @ Springfield

After his most recent work for the Travs, I don't expect a callup to the big club, not unless he dominates from here on out.

BTW did anybody else who got the Angels calendar notice that July 31st is missing?

Update 7/31: corrected. One of these days I'll have to learn how to count.

Roster Notes

Eat This, Frank Robinson

The Braves smacked down the Nationals, sweeping them in Atlanta. Rookie Jeff Francoeur homered twice in last night's 5-4 win. Francoeur is 21, and emblemic of a minor league system that really knows what its doing. Now, as the Nats crawl back to the cellar, a fond adieu mixed in with a bunch of snickers.

Caveat Sucker

Ben Jacobs looks at the worst offseason signings in baseball, and guess what? Cabrera and Finley both show up on that list. So, for that matter, does Troy Percival (Tigers), Armando Benitez (Giants), and Russ Ortiz (Diamondbacks). Letting Percy go proves that while Stoneman has some brains, he's not consistent in their usage. I would have made the Finley mistake, too, which shows that I probably shouldn't be entrusted to run a major league ballclub.

The LaRoche Brothers

Here's a nice little Register article on the LaRoche brothers. Excerpt:
[Adam] was known as a pitcher in high school, in suburban Kansas City, and was the MVP of the national junior college tournament in 2000. But he wanted to hit for a living, or at least convince himself that he couldn't. He politely told all the major-league scouts. Only Atlanta's believed him.

"I finally got a little fed up and told one scout, 'Look, here's a guy who is going to accept less money and get drafted lower just because he wants something so badly,'" Dave recalled. "'Wouldn't you die for 25 guys like that?' The guy finally said he saw my point. The Braves just wanted him. And because of that, they were able to get him in the 29th round.

Its amazing how close minded some writers can be.

How can JD Drew not be on that list, particularly since he has a 2 year out, but the team has a 5 year committment, and considering he is on his 6th significant DL trip in 7 seasons.

Most of the players on that list will end up outperforming Drew, but hey, he walks a lot when he's in the lineup, so he's a great signing.
He certainly seems incapable of getting a clutch hit, that's for sure. But I expect he'll do okay, though I think the Dodgers will be stuck with him over the duration of his contract.
The list seems appropriate to me. If Drew went to the DL with another knee injury I might agree with you, but considering no one can predict injuries caused by a bean I think it would be unfair to categorize him with the rest, especially since he has been very productive for the Dodgers and not just in walks.
That would make sense, but the problem is, that they put Magglio on the list for missing time with an injury that was not related to what made him risky. My guess is that Drew was not on the list because he had actually played a decent chunk of the season at least, while at this point, Magglio has not.
I am not sure what the criteria were for the article, but if you were to narrow it down to amount of money paid this year compared to amount of production out of the player then Magglio being on the list would be appropriate while Drew's inclusion would not be at this time. In a month the list could change and maybe Magglio would not be on there and if Drew were not to come back he may qualify himself - let's just hope he doesn't make this list.

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