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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Pickoff Moves

Jayson Werth Drops Suit

Jayson Werth has dropped a lawsuit against Ryan Root, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Root had inundated the Werths with letters "smearing Werth's reputation". Root and Werth were teammates in high school, and Werth's wife formerly dated Root, but married Werth. The suit was dropped because Root could not be found.


Fire Jim Tracy, 8/2/05 10:24 pm:
Meanwhile, what few media dolts still clinging to the Tracy Bandwagon as it careens toward Cincinnati are probably typing rapturous prose about how wonderful it is that Tracy is able to get the “most out of Jason Phillips.”
Steve Henson, Los Angeles Times, 8/3/05:
[Tracy's] decision to start Phillips at first base and continue to use Choi as a pinch-hitter proved astute. Dodger front-office executives have scratched their heads recently, wondering why Choi rarely plays despite carrying an on-base-plus-slugging percentage of .800.

Although the overall batting numbers of Phillips and Choi are about equal, Tracy said the determining factor is that Phillips is batting .315 with runners in scoring position, and Choi is at .177.

Which is only true if you believe that .240/.290/.379 is about equal to .248/.332/.476. Speaking of small sample size theater: Tony Jackson in the Daily News:
The Dodgers finally found an offense worse than theirs Tuesday night. And Hee-Seop Choi appears finally to have found a role at which he can excel.

Choi's first career home run in a pinch-hitting role -- and his first home run of any kind in almost two months -- ultimately proved the difference in the Dodgers' 5-4 victory over the Washington Nationals in front of 36,277 at rotting RFK Stadium.

Hey, Tony -- how about letting Choi pinch hit four times in a row?

More Uncertainty About Alvarez

The adjectives continue to shift, but this Times story makes it sound like immediate retirement is a real possibility for Wilson Alvarez:
...Alvarez is at his Florida home contemplating whether to retire, go on the disabled list or return to the Dodgers.

Angels Notes

Via the Times:

ugh, what a bunch of morons.

2 months sure sounds like a lot, but when you consider he's been riding the pine for the last month, i think it begins to make some sense. it was only like 86 at-bats, i believe. dodger blues had a counter going.

and henson must have failed math if he thinks that .808 and .667 are "about equal". and he failed statistics if he thinks that variation in performance over 89 at-bats (phillips) or 62 at-bats (choi) w/RISP means a lick.

good to know that the front office is busy scratching themselves and wondering instead of actually DIRECTING THEIR SUBORDINATE.


Tonight's final at bat was as pathetic as I've ever seen. How can you possibly have any confidence in Choi?

Given the alternative between him and, say, Phillips, which do you choose? I'll take the pathetic swinger with some hope of power, thank you very much.

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