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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Pickoff Moves

DePodesta's Mea Culpa, Tracy's Evasion

Jon wondered whether, after Paul DePodesta and Frank McCourt issued mea culpas, how long it would be before Tracy would apologize for the lack of success on the field. If today's exercise in evasion is any indication, he's got a long wait ahead.
"It's very flattering, if you get right down to that," Tracy said. "If young players weren't developing, [and] the performance on the field was completely lackluster, [if] you didn't see passion, you didn't see energy, then that falls into my boat. And that's something that I would expect to be completely held accountable for, 100 percent.

"But as I was alluding to in here yesterday, I think last night's game is another indication of it. We have played with whatever lineup, with whatever group of names from one day to the next, [and] over the course of the five years I've been here, I get everything they've got, every single day -- with the exception of probably a couple, and what ballclub doesn't go through that?"

I suppose that's code for, Sayonara, Milton Bradley. So be it.

Arte To Host Schwarzenegger Fundraiser

Governor Schwarzenegger wants to stay governor, and Arte Moreno intends to help him by hosting a fundraiser on Tuesday. The article has a quote from the ill-named Larry Noble, director of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Responsive Politics, who correctly notes that the Gov is soliciting donations from those with business before the state. However, what I suspect he objects to is that the governor isn't packing an agenda he agrees with; would he be pointing this out if, say, the donors were a public employees' union?

Roster Notes

Hard Things

From today's Times:
Left-handed hitting Finley is not starting against left-handers, and Scioscia is having a harder time justifying starting Finley against right-handers.

"Every player is responsible for production, which leads to playing time, and his playing time has been diminished," Scioscia said. "Hopefully he can pick it up. I don't know if we're ready to pull the plug on it."

The season's five sixths of the way over and he still hasn't produced, and they don't know if it's time to pull the plug? That's organizational patience...
And with that, the bad dog reminds me it's time to go for a walk. Enjoy your day, everyone.

Well, at least now they’re acknowledging that the plug can be pulled.
No T in Schwarzenegger
You are right, sir. That's what happens when you take a year of German -- you keep spelling things canonically.

BTW, Richard, nice graphic.
tracy has done a great job with the team he has been given they need to get rid of the gm

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