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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Does It Really Work That Way?

Jon speculates that, even now, the Dodgers' front office contains a toxic stew of conflicting wish lists: Frank wants to bring back an ex-Dodger hero, Jamie wants a woman in the GM's chair, and Tommy Lasorda wants to bring back the same cronies who torpedoed the Dodgers in the 90's. As a result, some combination of Hershiser, Valentine, and Kim Ng become, in no particular order, GM, manager, and AGM (which Ng already is). But the kicker for me:
And for sure, this happens: Season ticket sales show a net increase, with more people happy than sad that DePodesta is gone. The Dodgers improve in 2006 thanks to the talent that DePodesta and Dan Evans helped assemble, the new regime takes credit, and the McCourts crow all year.
Mm, dunno. Off the top of my head, In a weak NL West, I expect the 2006 Dodgers, sight unseen, to win 86-87 games, 88 at the outside. General manager Orel Hershiser will be fired, leading to GM Jamie McCourt.

Following another non-losing season, season tickets sales will be appreciably south of their former levels, but Dodger fans, eternal patsies that they are, will show up to the tune of 3,000,000+. So does the cycle begin anew, as the spring brings forth wolf cubs and spring lambs alike.


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