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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hershiser Interview "Went Really Well"

Orel Hershiser said his interview with the Dodgers for their vacant managerial post "went really well", according to a report to be published in the Dallas Morning News.
Tommy Lasorda, Dodgers special advisor to the chairman and the club's former manager (including Hershiser's tenure from 1983-94), introduced Hershiser to Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and took part in the interview.

"It was very comfortable because Tommy was there," said Hershiser, just before flying back to Texas on Wednesday. "He was able to ask some questions to help Frank McCourt get to know me better."

Hershiser, 47, said he spent the evening in the interview and got a few updates on Game 3 of the World Series. He said Dodgers general manager Paul DePodesta was not at the interview, but that he spoke at length with him by phone.

"I think it went really well," Hershiser said. "It's exciting to go through the process. We'll just wait and see."

DePodesta wasn't at the interview? That strikes me as extremely odd.
IIRC, his brother is getting married in Italy, and he is there also.
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So DePo had to do his part by phone, "at length." Is that a problem? Not a rhetorical question - I'm asking.

It might be indicative of McCourt muscling DePo out of the process, but it might also be totally irrelevant. I don't think we should leap to conclusions.
People do phone interviews all the time here. Esp. if it's "first round." I don't see an issue. Heck, if I were Depo, I'd just give them a standard situational questionaire and evaluate how compatible their game management is with his vision. If they can't pass that, don't bother.
Jon -- I didn't say it was a problem, especially considering the circumstances.
I was responding to Matt.

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