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Sunday, October 30, 2005

The New Model Dodgers

I said earlier that the Dodgers are about to be run as one of baseball's second-rate franchises -- i.e., the Mets or Phillies. I hereby retract my comment, and, upon reading Rich's list of 32 questions, declare that their fate is to be far more like that of the Royals, whose front office is infested with individuals whose last names match that of the owner.

Update: I can't believe I missed an opportunity to say this: as with Hollywood, the Dodgers' future is to become filled with refuse and nephews.

Then how do you explain all their success over the decades when they were run by the O'Malley family?
They were owned by the O'Malleys; look at the Royals, whose board of directors is essentially a rubber stamp named "Glass". Big difference.
Walter O'Malley was a tough, shrewed owner/operator. Mr. O'Malley was a strongwilled, tightfisted businessman. He was also a highly successful, both financially and in the W-L column.

The closest his Mrs. (Kay) got to running the Dodgers was having the team plane named after her. She was not Vice Chairman and President.

Mr. O'Malley's son Peter worked in the front office, but he didn't become owner until his Dad passed away in 1979. He was an experienced and skilled operator at that point in time and, like his Dad, was successful on and off the field.
Not to mention that Peter O'Malley had to start at the bottom so to say..

IIRC, he worked in the minor leagues before he became an exec with the big league club.

Jaime, Frank, and Drew should have probably served the same type of internship before they started to make baseball decisions.

Eric L
Your recollection about Peter O'Malley is absolutely correct, Eric.
Compare the imperious McCourts to ARTE Moreno, who once co-owned the Salt Lake Buzz minor league franchise and was spotted on more than one occasion tearing tickets at the front gate "as an exercise in Management By Walking Around..."

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