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Monday, October 31, 2005

A Panic Button We Hope Never To Use


Although the return of Steve would be a nice silver lining...
Definitely agree.
Mason and Ireland are honking for it all day on their show and Lasorda just told them on the show that he would support a Bowden/Valentine pairing and that Bowden is his number 2 guy.
Not Bowden... anybody but Bowden...
oh man. if that's the case... the time has come.

fire tommy lasorda.
You're absolutely right, Vishal.
What's wrong with Jim Bowden? The guy put together some pretty solid teams in Cincinnati back before the owners cut the payroll.

The Reds were excellent in 1994 and 1995, and pretty good in 1999 and 2000. Then he was ordered to sell off anybody good, no matter what he got in return, so long as it would save the team money.
Since the Toaster is down, I leave you with Jon's words as archived at all-baseball.com. Money quote:

“I look at the Dodgers, and think, how can you have the best pitching staff in the league and score less runs than the Tigers? Come on. You’ve got to do something.”

I look at Bowden’s words, and wonder what kind of wall I can build to keep him out of Los Angeles.

First of all, creative is a nice mantra to bandy about, but Bowden creatively presided over a team that had six losing seasons out of 11, including the past three, most of the time in the National League’s weakest division. Of course, the payroll limitations Bowden cites are legitimate, but for him to brag about his record is silly.

As far as the second half of Bowden’s quote, many people would agree. One of those agreeing would be Dan Evans.

The idea that Evans didn’t think something should be done to improve the offense is preposterous. No, he didn’t succeed yet, and his signing of OBP-challenged Juan Encarnacion (a former Bowden acquisition) raised questions anew about his ability to do so.

On the other hand, Evans reduced the payroll, nurtured the farm system - and oh yeah, built that great pitching staff, the accomplishment many find it so easy to dismiss. He laid the groundwork to acquire some hitting, which he no doubt could have done had Frank McCourt’s ownership approval needs not interfered.

Isn't firing Tommy some sort of heresy? I could have sworn that was in the lost book of Omallium....
a week ago i would have agreed with you. that's why it's so sad that it has come to this. if you can't even trust tommy lasorda anymore, who can you trust?? the world has become a dark place.

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