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Friday, October 28, 2005

Pickoff Moves, Bedtime Edition

Roster Moves

Phillies To Move Fences At Citizens Bank Park

One of the most homer-happy parks in the majors, Citizens Bank Park, will have the fences extended in the offseason, at least, in left field.

Kevin Towers To Stay In San Diego

Not much of a surprise -- for now -- but GM Kevin Towers will stay put, despite his discussions with Arizona about their previously vacant position.

OT: George "Sulu" Takei: "I'm Gay"

Rest of World: No, really?

oh, and DePodesta got fired... I thought I'd find an all-night marathon on this blog over that...
if hensen and jackson had reliable sources, it truly is a tragedy. if depodesta is fired, i have no faith in the mccourts as owners anymore.
Thanks for the note, Mat. I didn't see it last night and I barely have time to get into the shower and up to Lancaster for a wedding, but I did manage to get something off because of your note.

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