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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pickoff Moves, Late Edition

Dodgers To Interview Pat Gillick

In the non-news category, the Dodgers are set to interview Pat Gillick for their abruptly, stupidly, arrogantly vacated GM position. I refer you all to Rich's questions:
16. What would Gillick bring to the table today that he didn't back when he interviewed for the same position in 2004?

17. If McCourt "wants Dodgers here," then how does Gillick fit into that goal?

More, More, More On Plaschke

Matt Welch has his own fisking of the Plaschke column, as does Friend-of-Matt's Steve Smith. Also, it turns out that the BTF kids have more on this as well. Finally, this appears to be the last straw for the new blog Fire The McCourts.

Minor League Scorebook

The AFL had the day off.


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