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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pickoff Moves

A Possibly Tortured Simile

As a girl, my wife had a dog who had an itch so bad he chewed through his skin all the way to the bone, nicking an artery. So do the Dodgers engage in self-destruction. (The dog lived, by the way, but only thanks to prompt veterinary care.)

Braves Tap Roger McDowell As Pitching Coach

The Atlanta Braves have signed Las Vegas pitching coach Roger McDowell to replace Leo Mazzone as their pitching coach.

Padres To Interview Glenn Hoffman For Third Base Coach

I mean, why not? Nobody else besides Dictator For Life Tommy Lasorda will be left standing, anyway.

Actually, Brownie, that's the dog's name, nicked an artery running through the woods. It was the subsequent bandage (applied too tightly by a young vet tech) that itched so much he chewed and licked through bandage, skin and muscle to expose a bit of the bone. (The paw was not bleeding. Don't ask me why.)

And I fainted at the vet's office as the nice doctor kindly pointed out the various aspects of dog paw anatomy. The dog waited patiently with his paw raised while the silly human was revived.

He healed fully, and lived several more happy years. I however, still get queasy easily.

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