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Monday, October 24, 2005

Selig To Make The Call On An Open Roof For Game 3?

Via the New York Times and astros.com, apparently MLB -- read, Bug Selig -- wants the last call on whether the roof is closed at Minute Maid Park:
Commissioner Bud Selig will make the final call on whether the roof will be open or closed. Pat Courtney, a spokesman for the commissioner's office, said baseball would consult with the teams and make the decision based on weather conditions Tuesday.

"We just really want to have some standard procedure in place, to do what the club does regularly during the season," Courtney said.

Hey, whoever's paying to throw the series: write the check out to Bud Selig. That's "S" as in "snake", "e" as in "eel", "l" as in lycanthrope, "i" as in idiot, and "g" as in "graft". (Hat tip: BTF.)

Update: ESPN says Selig wants it open.

Was a lycanthrope a D& D monster? I think I killed one or was killed by one once.
Tsk. You're surely not suggesting Bud Selig would be, um, venal, are you?

The next-to-last time the Sox were in a WS there was a fix in; does Bud really want to open up the thought there is this time too?
Rev: lycanthropes cover the gamut of were-animals (werewolves, wererats, etc.), involuntary shape-changers. I just used it in this sense because it's a monster of some kind.

Surely I'm not? Then he can leave the decision as to whether the park roof is open to the damn home team.

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