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Monday, October 31, 2005

The Serpent's Tongue And The Bitgod

Tommy Lasorda, whose perfidious whispers have made the leap to the legendary, unsurprisingly represents the backlash to change, writes Jeff Angus in Management By Baseball. Angus talks about "the Bitgod contingent", where Bitgod = "back in the good old days", that group who finds a way to obstruct changes they find threatening for principally political reasons:
In the Dodger case, the resistance [to Paul DePodesta's designs] is centered around Tom Lasorda, the ultimate Bitgod. For him, the fight is not so much ideological as it is personal. Sure, he favors the model that he cut his teeth on and managed in; that's perfectly natural if not always functional. But his own political power base within the Dodgers is in the process and people who were paramount in the old pre-DePodesta model the young G.M. was committed to change.
It looks like Angus is planning a series based on the Dodgers front office escapades. Stay tuned.


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