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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Spearchucker's Ball

Maybe Mike Waldner of the Daily Breeze woke up on the wrong side of the bed:
Some fans grumble that enhancing their experience should start with a better selection of food than currently is available. Then they mention something about the quality of the baseball team.

That's petty. That's sniping.

A long, dull offseason, featuring the worst free agent class in memory, means we can expect a lot more of this. David Lassen in the Ventura County Star offers similar thoughts, though not quite so acidic:
But [fan comments reflect] the degree to which the public at large remains wholly skeptical of the McCourts, their motivations and their ability to run a franchise -- a skepticism they have done little to alleviate to date with some questionable personnel moves, a failure to live up to a McCourt vow to spend $100 million on player payroll, and a lengthy string of public-relations disasters (including, of course, the hiring of a disaster-management PR firm.)
Just wondering: what free agents did the Dodgers miss because they didn't spend enough money? Eh, whatever. It's probably not worth complaining about this sort of thing; the local Plaschkettes can be counted on to bay at the moon until the Dodgers win the World Series, and even then they'll carp about payroll.

I love when the Plaschkettes incessantly harp on McCourt's failure to spend $100 million, as if this magical monetary sum would have erased the 1300 DL days (or however many it was), counteracted Tracy's idiotic lineup shenanigans, compensated for an underachieving pitching staff, and catapulted the Dodgers to glory this season.

Last time I checked, spending $100 million just for the sake of spending $100 million didn't do a damn thing for the Dodgers during the Fox days. I also couldn't help but notice that the ten teams who spent more than the Dodgers this year are sitting at home watching the World Series like the rest of us.

11. Los Angeles Dodgers $83 M
12. Houston Astros $76 M
13. Chicago White Sox $75 M

Interesting, indeed. I suppose Plaschke would respond that you don't need to spend another $25 million when you have the Heart and Soul (TM) of A.J. Pierzynski and Scott Podsednik around.
Plasckette? What the heck is that? :D

I'm not sure who hates the One Sentence Paragraph guy more. Sabre guys, Kobe fans, or Bruins. It's amazing he still has a job.
Kobe still has fans?
Kobe fans are like Depo fans are like Michael Jackson fans. We're probably right, but everybody else still think we're self important and a little crazy.

And that's why we have blogs!

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