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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

OT: Quality? The Box Has A Holographic Sticker, Right?

Microsoft Security Products vice president Gordon Mangione has resigned, and who can blame him? His job description included the sisyphean task of fortifying Microsoft products against attackers. Dammit, I can't say this has come a day too early; there's nobody in the world -- well, save maybe Steve Ballmer and/or Bill Gates -- who can fix Redmond's troubles with security. When you've spent twenty-plus years focusing on ease of use and ramming as much of your product into the operating system kernel as you can, it shouldn't come as any surprise that your product has become, like thirteenth-century rats or mosquitoes in the South, a vector for infection. Changing to meet different requirements now would be as foreign to Microsoft as, say, a rat transmogrifying into a cat.

Update: speaking of: snark.


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