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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Rara Avis: Steve Dilbeck Takes On The Messy McCourts

It's unfortunate that coverage of the DePodesta firing has required columns like Matt Welch's today, but no less we praise in darker days writing like that produced by the Register's Mark Whicker -- or, today, that of Steve Dilbeck in the Daily News. Excerpt:
Now in its latest self-inflicted coup d'etat, owners Frank and Jamie McCourt have fired general manager Paul DePodesta without real explanation and begun a curious search for his successor.

Normally this should be one of the most desired jobs in baseball and all professional sports. Experienced GMs on other teams should be leaking word of their desire to relocate to Chavez Ravine, should be lining up along Elysian Park Avenue.

Instead they flee like the Dodgers carry the bird flu. Are the beautiful high school girl ducking down the hall when she fears a nerd is about to invite her to the prom.

How far have the Dodgers fallen on the sporting landscape when California native and USC grad Pat Gillick would rather take the GM job in Philadelphia than in Los Angeles?

How hath the mighty fallen, &c.

Interesting parallel with the Beltre non-signing -- OK! We've avoided this problem! Oh wait ... you mean he actually needs a replacement?

If you fire the guy, do it the day after the World Series, and get first in line at the meat market. Or maybe this is just a way to make Lasorda the interim GM....
Worse, the de facto interim GM.
the funny thing is , rob and some others excepted, most of Depo's biggest supporters were carrying water for McCourt the past two years as well.

This is just a continuation of the McCourts two years as owners. It should surprise no one that they acted irrationally and classless in this situation. It would like being surprised when Pat Burrell strikes out. That is there pattern.

I never liked Depo, but I realized he was an extention of McCourts well known desire to build a mid payroll team in Los Angeles. I didn't blame him, and realize replacing him without replacing McCourt doesn't solve the real problems with the dodgers.

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