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Monday, November 28, 2005

Rumor, Rumor, Go Away

... before the Halos have Konerko in their pay. Ewww. $65M, five years? Stupid.

Update: Now in the Times, which reports a price of "about $60 million". The Orioles supposedly have made a five-year, $60 million offer according to the Baltimore Sun. The Chicago Tribune reports that recent acquisition Jim Thome has called Konerko and asked for him to stay in Chicago.

Does Bill Stoneman hate Kotchman more than Jim Tracy hates Choi?
Now Big Joe McDonnell is reporting that if the Angels are unable to sign Konerko there's a deal already in place to send Kotchman to Kansas City for . . . Mike Sweeney. Read it and weep, Halo fans.
If either happens, I quit baseball. Seriously.

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