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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Run In Fear: More On Konerko

Joe McDonnell now says that if the Angels fail to "land" Konerko, their plan B is to grab Mike Sweeney from the Royals for Casey Kotchman. Ye gads...

Update: Roch Rubatko of the Baltimore Sun reports the White Sox are reluctant to commit to a fifth year on Konerko's contract because he has an arthritic hip. Ouch.

Oh dear God. Sweeney hasn't managed to play in 127 games since 2001, had virtually the same OPS+ as Kotchman last year, and costs nearly $11 million more.
The worst part of that horrible rumor is that Erstad would be slated to play 1B. if they are serious about starting erstad at 1B & trading Sweeney for Kotchman, then hell I would rather sign Konerko to a 5yr/60-65 million dollar deal. UGH!!!
If the the Angels are determined to acquire an often-injured slugger like Sweeney, why not make a run at Frank Thomas? That's one trade possibility that wouldn't depress me.
Or re-sign Tim Salmon. If they trade Kotchman for Sweeney (which I think is hideous, by the way), I can actually see some semblance of a plan. Erstad's contract is up at the end of the season and I think Sweeney's is, (although his might end after 2007, I forget). This would probably indicate that they see Kendry Morales as the future 1st baseman, which at least sounds logical.

It gives the Angels a 1B/CF/DH of Erstad, Figgins, and Sweeney for 06, and probably Morales as the 1B in 07, with the team looking for a CF or LF (depending on where they want Figgy to play) and a DH for that year. One of those spots could be filled by one of Wood, Aybar, or Callaspo (for some reason I think of Kendrick as the one guy that won't change position in that group).
I thought Joe McDonnell got fired.
The only scenarios in which Sweeney or Konerko go to the Angels are bad ones. Let's hope there's some ulterior motive.
Seriously, can someone please explain why the Angels hate Casey Kotchman? I mean, not only is he a highly regarded (and still quite young) prospect, who performed quite well after his August callup, AND he's got Angels lineage in his blood. With Salmon's career almost over and Erstad's clining to life support, Kotchman would appear to be their successor in spirit.

If they're just giving up on him, I sure hope that they are able to get something serious in a trade...and Mike Sweeney sure as hell doesn't fit that bill. If Kotchman is on the block, it had better be for Manny Ramirez, or a marquee center fielder, or some serious bullpen help.

This is very depressing though.
This is just depressing. It's like they're giving up on the farm system in its entirety.
Awesome, great news!~ :)

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