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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Angels Win Naming Lawsuit

The Times reports that the Angels have won the lawsuit brought by the city of Anaheim, and the team name will remain Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The jury was out just four hours and fifteen minutes.

Well, back to the dumbest name in sports. Thanks Arte. Stupid.
So ends another episode in the sad, star-crossed history of the Angels. Thank God I'm a Dodger fan.
If the Angels win the World Series this year, will there be a celebration on the steps of the L.A. City Hall? No doubt Mayor Villaraigosa would order the fire hoses trained on Arte and company if they dared show their faces in the vicinity.
"Thank God I'm a Dodger fan."

Would that be the God that brought you Paul Depodesta who scattered your golden boys hither and yon last season, or the one that brought you the MLB equivalent of the Golden Girls this season?

What a strange dispensation.
What if you won a championship and didn't have a city to celebrate in?
The only plus to me is the fact that the Dodgers are no doubt ticked off about the decision.
I'm ecstatic. I think it is the right decision, legally, but also the right decision for the Angels. I have maintained all along this clears the way for the Angels to eventually be renamed the LA Angels, and the sooner the better. I suggest a settlement with the city to help them feel better and convert to a new name ASAP.

I want the Angels to have the LA market so that they increase their revenue as best they can. When they win it, where will they celebrate? Well, that's a great problem to have. Let's hope they win it.

If Anaheim was smart, they would allow the name change to LA (drop of Anaheim), get a little money out of it, and then embrace the team anyway as the best team in the greater LA area. But I don't put much faith in the city.
I was 16 years old when my best friend, a Dodger fan, informed me that the Los Angeles Angels had renamed themselves the California Angels in the middle of the night during the 1965 season (Sept 2, 1965---I think).

"Haw! Haw! Haw! What a STUPID name!" he taunted, and I could say nothing, because I agreed with him.

Thank you, Arte, and thank you jurors. A 40-year-old wrong has been righted, and confirmed!
From the Associated Press:

'Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle was disappointed, adding the case was about more than just a name change. It was "to make sure the identity of our community, both in Orange County and in the city of Anaheim, was preserved," Pringle said.'

As a long-time O.C. resident and Angel fan, I understand Pringle's sentiment.

Still, I remanin a big fan of the Angels and Moreno.
I thought the city killed themselves with the claim that they had lost $400 gazillion dollars from the name change. All boring contract law aside (and anybody who thinks the jury cares about any of that stuff is not a lawyer), if I was Arte's lawyer I would have said "Look, Anaheim is claiming that this name change cost them $400 gazillion dollars. But even though they claim that this name change is costing them $400 gazillion dollars, they didn't even bother to write a simple clause into the contract that said "The name shall be Anaheim Angels." And, ladies and gentlemen, it's not like the city of Anaheim doesn't have lots of fancy lawyers to make sure the contract says exactly what they want it to say.

And game over.
In addition to a ridiculous damages claim, I think that the City's strategy (in the words of Pringle, "to make sure the identity of our community, both in Orange County and in the city of Anaheim, was preserved," could have backfired.

This lawsuit was about a contract, not identity. It was a business dispute over the requirements of a lease. Civic pride and identity have no application to contract interpretation, and the jury instructions obviously didn't say anything about pride or identity.

The Angels' emphasis in the case was on the contract itself and the degree of flexibility permitted thereunder.
Like Pringle and many others, I was hoping my beloved team could retain a "non-Los Angeles" identity. Too bad we lost.
hey, I hope the Dodgers are the Golden Girls this season: they may be old and sometimes stupid, but entertaining as hell. "Thank you for being a friend!"
Thank you, Arte, and thank you jurors. A 40-year-old wrong has been righted, and confirmed!

right... because the "[someplace] angels of [a different place]" construction sounds WAY less stupid than "california angels".

re: matthew - i don't think the identity thing was the strategy. in fact, it seemed the other way around; the identity thing was the reason they went to court, and the reason the contract supposedly stipulated that "anaheim" be in the team name in the first place. so they went to court on the grounds of the contract being violated, and that was important because of identity.
Would that be the God that brought you Paul Depodesta who scattered your golden boys hither and yon last season...?

what golden boys? paul lo duca? alex cora? good riddance.
Yes, good riddance to a team that had a winning record. We hate those...
the padres had a "winning record" last season, and they "won the division", but that obviously didn't mean much of anything. i'd rather see someone with a long-term plan come in, shake things up and implement a vision rather than settle for year-to-year passable mediocrity. the dodgers have done diddly-squat in the postseason since '88, and they were in dire need of restructuring when depo came in.
One word: Anaheim
That's where the Angels Play, not stupid ass LA.
Now opposing fans are gonna chant "Beat LA", and that chant is suppose to belong to the Dodgers.
This Orange County not LA, get a clue, if you can't understand that, you have serious problems. Now Irvine Meadows is called Verizon Wireless Ampitheater of Los Angeles, we need to stop this madness, we don't want any part of LA and there gang banging fans.
Vishal -- I suspect the Angels will eventually drop the Anaheim part of their name, whether in Angels Stadium or not. As for the Dodger fan/Angel fan hatefest, I couldn't care less about any of that stuff and have a pretty thin tolerance for it in the comments. (Note that's not aimed specifically at you, V.)

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