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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Baseball Card Blog

I get varying numbers of requests to link to this or that blog over the course of a year, and mostly I dismiss or accept them with the standard link policy, but in this case I'm making an exception for The Baseball Card Blog, which is, as the title suggests, about baseball cards. Recent excerpt:
Sometimes, just by looking at the picture, you can tell that either the photographer forgot a player until the last minute or, as is the case here, it was written into the standard baseball card company photographer’s handbook that one should never ever approach Gaylord Perry when he’s relaxing in the bullpen with a baseball bat across his lap. You never know what might happen, especially if someone calls him Herman Munster to his face. It’s sad, really. Here’s one of the best long-term, long-haul pitchers of his generation who was consistently robbed of great baseball cards because photographers had a way of making his head look elongated like Fred Gwynne. It’s the same reason why Kevin McHale never really had any close-ups taken: they’re just not good-looking individuals. Especially in this case: after a career full of bad card photos, it was probably best to get a shot of him waiting to knock the crap out an unsuspecting passer-by.
Best of luck on that.


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