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Friday, February 24, 2006

Brian Clevinger's Spring Training, Day 4 Photos

More spring training photos from Brian Clevinger, who gives us this intro:
Back again today. The players came out before 10 am so i got a few pictures of them walking to the practice fields, then general warm-ups.

When they broke to do drills, again, the OFs went directly back to the Tempe Diablo Stadium complex and presumably to the batting cages there.

The infielders and catchers went to three different fields to do bunt situations, catchers throwing to 3rd, or to 2nd, and the "wheel play". Later the pitchers joined them rotating through for the same with pick-off moves and bunt coverage. The coaching staff would call out the situation right when the ball went into play so the players had to quickly decide the right course of action - pick off attempt to 2nd, bunt and throw to 3rd, to 2nd, or to 1st. The major leaguer field had Figgy and Alfonzo at 3rd, OC at SS, Kennedy at 2B, and Casey at 1B; (Figgy later took same practice at 2nd too). Scioscia was the batter. The next field over had D-Mac at 3rd, Izturis & Aybar at SS, Callaspo at 2nd, and Quinlan at 1B, and the last field had Specht at 3B, then Wood SS, Kendrick 2nd, and Morales 1B. I wonder how telling that was to see D-Mac on the 2nd field (?). Pitchers were assigned to each field too based on their seniority/talent level.

After that was over, the top talent infielders and catchers also left for the Tempe Diablo Stadium complex so that was it for them today too.

The last thing we saw when we left was Bartolo throwing batting practice to the minor leaguers, followed by Jeff Weaver. i picked up a few autographs for my daughter - Hensley, Zimmerman, Dunn, Gregg, and Lackey. Finally, i didn't see Frankie out there today yet, and no Arte today either.

That will be it for my coverage before the games start. Next week, i'll see if i can get to a game or two. Also, more fans are showing up now - it's probably about 50-70 now.

I proposed we should hook up when I go to ST in about four weeks. Should be fun!

Great photos. Thanks for posting them.

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