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Friday, February 17, 2006

It's An Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad World

Turnover in Chavez Ravine continues, with Young & Rubicam winning the Dodgers ad account, according to Adweek, beating out incumbent Daily & Associates, who got the contract just last year.
Regarding the Dodgers notoriously low advertising budgets, [Young & Rubicam managing partner Rick] Eiserman said that [incoming Dodgers chief marketing officer Tagg] Romney "has a better idea of what things cost, coming from Reebok. Just as they've gotten higher and higher talent to run their marketing, their idea of how to sell their seats is more sophisticated."
Whatever, just so long as they don't use those nasty bobbleheads again... sheesh.

At this time, I'd also like to introduce to you -- somewhat belatedly -- a new company called Sports Loyalty Systems. One of my co-workers recently quit his employment at my day job, and bailed to this outfit. Their business is, none too surprisingly, all about marketing loyalty systems to sports leagues and their fans, in the form of points redeemable for tickets, merch, and whatnot. As it happens, the Dodgers are their first customer. I wish everyone over there the best of luck, and wryly observe that there's another major league franchise in (or near) town that doesn't have one of these. Hmm...

Bleah, you ruined my morning by causing me to read some pages filled with market-speak. These people need to learn to use regular English.
Hopefully they'll get a clue. I noticed their A-round of financing was relatively small, $5M.

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