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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Joel Guzman To ... Somewhere Else

The Dodgers are busy moving Joel Guzman from shortstop to ... well, somewhere else, possibly first base, maybe the outfield.
"He doesn't look like the prototypical shortstop, but he catches ground balls nice and he's got a good arm," said Little. "We'll evaluate him at a couple different spots."

The options are the corner infield and outfield spots. Most likely is first base and left field. Guzman might be the most talented Dodgers prospect without a defined defensive position since the arrival of another Dominican slugger, Pedro Guerrero, almost 30 years ago.

"We want him to get comfortable wherever we want him to play once the season starts," said Little. "We'll put him where it helps him the most to get to the Major League club at the best pace. We want him to start the season with the best chance to help us the quickest. That's probably not shortstop. I think there's more than one place where he's able to help us. He may play multiple positions."

In other news, Oscar Robles -- stop me if you heard this one before -- has opted out of the WBC.

it seems like a total waste to take a SHORTSTOP prospect and move him to the other end of the defensive spectrum. if 3rd base is laroche's and he's too slow for center... why can't he play right field at least?

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