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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

John Sickels' Angels Top 20 Prospects

John Sickels posted his top 20 Angels prospects:
  1. Brandon Wood, SS, Grade A
  2. Howie Kendrick, 2B, Grade A-
  3. Kendry Morales, 1B, Grade B+
  4. Jered Weaver, RHP, B+
  5. Erick Aybar, SS, B+
  6. Jeff Mathis, C, B
  7. Thomas Mendoza, RHP, B
  8. Steven Shell, RHP, B-
  9. Nick Adenhart, RHP, B-
  10. Alberto Callaspo, 2B, B-
  11. Michael Collins, C, B-
  12. Trevor Bell, RHP, B-
  13. P.J. Phillips, SS, C+
  14. Sean Rodriguez, SS, C+
  15. Joe Saunders, LHP, C+
  16. Hainley Statia, SS, C+
  17. Mike Napoli, C, C+
  18. Ryan Mount, SS, C+
  19. Gustavo Espinosa, LHP, C+
  20. Drew Toussaint, OF, C

I don't see a whole lot in the way of surprises here, although Michael Collins placing 11th (and ahead of Mike Napoli, who is closer to the show) is maybe one such, as is Drew Toussaint placing 20th. Once again, the Angels have so many shortstop prospects it's just plain scary. Sickels also tabs Nick Adenhart as a potential breakout candidate this year, not too surprising considering the impressive way he closed out his rookie professional season.

Sickels plans to publish his Dodgers list on Saturday.

Surprised to see Saunders behind Shell ... doesn't Shell have unresolved control issues?

I guess Kendrick gets the '-' because of defense, or maybe lack of power.

Also, I assume Kotchman's no longer considered a prospect or he would make the top 20 ... wonder where he would fall ...

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