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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More On BPro's Top 50

Jered Weaver, are you listening?
The ability to fare well against both right and left-handed hitters prevents major league managers from stacking the lineup against the pitcher. The recent signing of Jeff Weaver by the Angels, for example, bodes well for the likes of Mark Teixeira, Hank Blalock, Dan Johnson and Eric Chavez. Weaver’s splits are among the most extreme in the game. Over the last three years, he’s held RH hitters to .238/.277/.355 while lefties teed off to the tune of .309/.369/.506. It’s difficult to evaluate minor-league pitchers in this category due to the relative lack of information, but a right-handed pitcher who has a good “reputation” and “nice upside” but fails to get left-handed hitters out at an adequate clip is in for trouble at the highest level.

Oh, man.... I hope Black teaches him a circle change, or a screwball or something....
Does anybody throw screwballs anymore? (insert joke here) I haven't heard talk of them in a while.
Not since Fernando, anyway. I understand they're quite hard on the pitcher.

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