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Friday, February 24, 2006

Names Return To Dodger Uniforms In 2007

It's about fargin' time:
During his remarks to the press, Scully made reference to all the new players on the Dodgers this season, and how he felt he hardly knew many of them.

"I wish we had the names on the back of the uniforms more than ever this year, especially when I get to Vero [Beach, Fla.]."

Upon finishing his comments, McCourt returned to the podium and said, "We weren't going to say anything today, but when Vin Scully asks for something, you have to give it to him. So starting in 2007, the names will be back."

According to McCourt, both Scully and Dodgers vice chairman and president Jamie McCourt have been campaigning strongly for the return of names ever since they were first removed. After the press conference, Scully admitted that while he had been vocal about it, he believed that, "Jamie probably has a little more influence on Frank than I do."

Names went off on the 2005 squad's uniforms, and they go 71-91. See?

I'm not sure I understand the point of waiting 'til 2007. They can't get it done before the beginning of this season?
Apparently there is an MLB imposed waiting period on making uniform changes or some such thing
Very discouraging, as it means the McCourts intend to still own the team in 2007.
Basically, MLB requires that it be notified a year in advance of any uniform changes.

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