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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

OT: I'd Feel Better If I Knew It Was Photoshopped

... but so far as I can tell, it's not.

Barry Bonds in drag

That's the real Barry Bonds in all his ... glory. Thanks to BTF for that one.

Update: More on this from MLB.com, which adds this was for a charity event. Thank you, "Mary" Bonds.

Wow...this picture has taken its rightful place atop my mental list of things I wish I could un-see.
Mmmm Meaty.
more of Mary Bonds on foxsports.com
hmm... er... not the right kind of Human growth hormones?
this just in....Al Reynolds was relieved to know that soon after filing his missing person's report to the NYPD. His wife, Star Jones turned up in Arizona to judge the SF Giants" version of American Idol. However, whereabouts of Barry Bonds are still unknown at this time.

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