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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Percy's Done

Sorry it had to end this way, buddy:
Troy Percival's last game was simulated. The pain was real.

So were the results of his pitches, which ultimately convinced him that his comeback attempt wasn't working. Percival ended it Sunday, essentially saying he'll retire barring some drastic improvement. He wants to see if his arm feels any better this year, but admitted he has "probably" thrown his last pitch.

"I always wait for something miraculous to happen," Percival said. "I probably don't think it's going to happen, but I'll keep doing what they ask me to do."


"I've been fighting it all spring," Percival said. "I thought I could give this organization an opportunity to make a decision. I tried to go back to the arm angle I'm accustomed to and it's not there. There's a lot of pain. Right now, I can't help this club, physically. Mentally and with my heart, I think I can, but I have to be realistic and say there's just no way, physically, I can go out and help this club right now."

Dr. Lewis Yocum recommended Percy retire last year after his muscle tear, but Percy refused.

Percy had a 2.99 ERA in 586 1/3 innings and 579 games, though his 2002 postseason record of 7-for-7 save opportunities, including his appearance on the mound for the final three outs of the concluding Game 7, will be indelibly burned on the retinas of Angels fans everywhere.

Thanks to Daniel Zappala for the word.

Welcome to the 324 club Percy! Troy Percival finished with 324 career saves. Nolan Ryan and Don Sutton each finished with 324 career wins. That is pretty good company you keep Percy! When Bud Black decides to move on I hope that Percival will be named as the new Angels pitching coach. Don't go anywheres just yet, Blackey. You are doing a great job.

Where did you find that 3.24 career ERA for Troy Percival? Percy had a career 2.99 ERA with the Angels and a career 3.10 ERA overall. My sources are The Bill James Handbooks 2005 and 2006. For a moment there I thought Percival had a double 324 (saves and ERA)!

My bad, I pulled runs for the numerator instead of earned runs.

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