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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Pickoff Moves, Bedtime Edition

Draft Pick Positioning

Jim Callis lets us know what the Dodgers get from the Angels as a result of the Jeff Weaver signing. First, they get the Angels' first-round draft pick, 26th overall, and a supplemental first-round pick, 31st overall. Second, the Nationals get bumped because Hector Carrasco was a Type B free agent, and so Washington gets a second-round pick, 70th overall. The Angels will recover somewhat, though, because Paul Byrd cost the Indians a first-round pick at 25th overall, so in that sense they actually moved up the ladder a bit, ignoring any first-round sandwich picks.

Brian's Back With Angels Spring Training Photos


Number 3!

Brandon Wood's gonna sport a number 3 on his back in spring training. Now that's a ballplayer's number! The only other single-digit players are Adam Kennedy (2), Chone Figgins (9), and Maicer Izturis (6). Doesn't necessarily mean anything, but still... they don't usually give out low numbers to nobodies.

Roster Notes

Jon's In SI Again

This time it's all about the non-differences between Ned Colletti and Paul DePodesta.

I'm *delighted* that the Yankees signed Scott Erickson. Let's hope he has almost as good a year with the Yanks as he did with the Dodgers.
gosh, i hope he lasts longer in the bronx than he did in LA. the whole season, even!
That's what I like to see... optimism!

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