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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pickoff Moves, Padres Edition

Not quite true, but a couple of these links are courtesy of Gaslamp Ball...

Brian Giles Wants To KISS You!

In a small way, anyhow... my God is that hilarious!

Old People Say Dumb Things

Speaking, of course, as an old person who's about to get even older, but every time Tommy Lasorda speaks, he says dumb things:
HANNITY: You said there's a couple of guys who were asked to play. They turned it down and this really ticked you off.

LASORDA: I have no respect for those guys. Unless they were injured, I have no respect.

HANNITY: Are you naming names?

LASORDA: No, I'm not going to name names. But I'll tell you this. They'll know who I'm talking about. You get an opportunity to do something for your country, you better get out and do it.

I guess he hasn't been watching how the WBC teams are being formed... I mean, sheesh, if it wasn't for guys like Piazza playing for the Italian team...

Survival Of The Fittest

Baseball America on the Darwinian fun about to unfold in Tempe:
The interesting scenarios will unfold on the back fields in Tempe as Erick Aybar, Alberto Callaspo, Brandon Wood and Howie Kendrick will battle it out for Triple-A roster spots--and all four are frontline middle-of-the-diamond talents.

Aybar is coming off a solid winter season with Licey in the Dominican League, hitting .325 in 166 at-bats and playing a key role in the Caribbean Series for the Tigers. He likely will break camp as the starting shortstop at Triple-A Salt Lake, but both his bat and prowess with the glove will be difficult to keep on the farm.

It's much the same story with Callaspo, who spent the winter in his native Venezuela, hitting .304-3-24 in 121 at-bats for Oriente. The only difference between the two is Callaspo has shown more versatility in the last two years, moving from shortstop to second base, and played some third this past winter.

"Nothing can take away from what they've done or what they've been through the past few winters," Angels director of minor league operations Abe Flores said. "They've built their credentials to a high standard against a higher level of competition than Brandon or Howard."


Tommy, patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
In his case, it may be the first.
Please avoid fluid intake while viewing the Brian Giles link. May be hazardous to your desktop.

Suffering Bruin

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