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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Pickoff Moves

Angels Sign Five To One-Year Deals

I don't recall the Angels doing this previously -- ever, in fact -- but minor league catchers Jeff Mathis and Mike Napoli, infielder Howie Kendrick and outfielders Tommy Murphy and Reggie Willits were all signed to one-year contracts, according to MLB.com. I wonder why? This amounts to the purest of speculation, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Angels were going to pull the trigger on several of these guys going to the big club this year.

Colon Sheds Pounds, Rehab Going Well

Bartolo Colon is on track with his rehab and is throwing "free and easy" according to Bill Stoneman.
Stoneman also said he's been told that Colon is in the best shape he's been since joining the Angels in December 2003 and has shed a few pounds.

"People that have seen him tell me he looks different and that I will be pleasantly surprised," Stoneman said. "I'm encouraged by what I hear."

Me, too.

Disney's Secret Intentions

Former Disney negotiator Larry Murphy said that he envisioned the Angels' including Los Angeles as part or all of the team name, but did not share this bit of information with the city of Anaheim.
"I personally was concerned … it might stymie the growth and development of the franchise," Murphy said, "and at some point we might have to find a way to incorporate another geographic region — Orange County, Los Angeles, whatever."


However, [Anaheim attorney Andy] Guilford said, the law also permits a judge to tell a jury to disregard such evidence, if he determines the intent of one party was not shared with the other during negotiations.

"The unexpressed intent of a party is not relevant to determining the meaning of a contract," said Sheldon Eisenberg of the Santa Monica law firm Bryan Cave.


Said [former Anaheim city manager James] Ruth on Friday night: "I'm not saying they didn't discuss it internally, but they sure as the devil never shared it with us."

The Stadium You Have Reached -- PacBell Park -- Is No Longer In Service

... the new stadium is AT&T Park. Please make a note of it.

You're reading way too much into the one-year contract report. It's automatic that a team announces signing a contract with any player on the 40-man roster. Even minor leaguers. It happens every year. It's no different from every other minor leaguer signing a one-year contract except the ones named are on the 40-man roster.
Mmmmaybe. As minor leaguers, they're already under contract. Why sign them to one year deals?
You're confusing their annual contracts with the reserve clause. You're also confusing a major league contract with a contract for someone on the 40-man roster.

EVERY player in the minors signs a one-year deal. So do the player on the 40-man roster who aren't arbitration-eligible.

When the contract runs out at year's end, the team can either off the player another one-year contract or they have to release them. If the player refuses the one-year contract, he can sit at home until his six-year free agency arrives or go play in independent ball.

As I said, the only difference is it's MLB policy to issue a press release when any player on a 40-man roster signs a contract. Otherwise it doesn't mean a thing.

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