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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pickoff Moves

Roster Notes

MLB Opens Youth Baseball Academy In Compton

It's a good idea, but the equipment expense will probably always put baseball at a disadvantage over football, which schools fund willingly and universally, and basketball, which only needs a ball and a court. Arte and Frank both made the opening ceremonies.

Giants Sign Randy Winn To 3-Year, $23.25M Extension

The Giants signed Randy Winn to a 3-year, $23.25 million extension.
"I thought the ballclub was really energized and had a different look when we acquired him," said Giants general manager Brian Sabean. "To get a switch-hitter [who is] a leadoff hitter with a lot of dimensions -- power, speed -- [and] the ability to play the outfield as he does is really a godsend to the organization.
Winn is 31 years old, and is signed through 2009.

Jim Bowden, Fool

Jim Bowden, on why the Nationals didn't put Brian Lawrence on an MRI before signing him:
"That's our bad," Robinson said. "We chose not to give him an MRI. The physicals should cover everything. . . . I would think that would be something to get our attention for the future, at least. Why not? [An MRI is] the only way you're going to be able to look at someone. But I don't make policy around here."

Bowden later said the team decided against an MRI, which can cost as much as $10,000, because Lawrence had been one of the most durable pitchers in baseball over the previous five years.

"It's too expensive to do MRIs on every single transaction," Bowden said. "In the case of Brian, he had made every start the last four or five years. We saw him throw a three-hit shutout. We were trading a player [Castilla] with bad knees. We thought there were MRI risks on both sides. [So] we made the decision not to."

Hm-m-mm...Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Compton...

Dermatitis just means inflammation of the skin. It's a generic medical term used for almost any kind of rash. While babies do get rashes very commonly, it is not at all rare in adults either. It is very often associated with allergic reactions or drug reactions. Although, there are reports of stress induced dermatitis as well. Maybe D-Mac is worried about his starting spot.
Of course... it's a pretty general diagnosis. My favorite diagnostic word is "idiopathic", which means, "I have no $#&$ clue where this came from."
Have you noticed when athletes start to show their age, people obsess about their weight. I guess it's another example of hope springing eternal.

Maybe Garrett isn't getting old ... maybe he was just overweight. Maybe he can still hit 30 dingers in a season. Yeah, it'll be a lot easier to hit home runs when he weighs 15 pounds less. That's the ticket...
One cannot dispute the fact that the loss of 15 lbs. will ease the stress on GA's knees and back.

Nobody has suggested that GA will hit 30 HR because he lost weight, so the Anon's comment above is a mere strawman.

IF GA weighs less, maybe his health is better. Guy hit 17 HR last year in 142 games. Maybe a healthy GA hits 22 HR over 160 games.

There's no guarantee, of course, but one cannot dispute the fact that he has a better chance to succeed if he is healther and in better physical condition.
"We do a lot of MRIs," Bowden said. "In fact, we probably lead the league in MRIs."

Don't tell me about how we should be doing MRIs when we lead the damn league in MRIs!
Too bad they don't lead the league in RBIs...

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