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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sickels, BA On The Dodgers Prospects

The Dodgers are trumpeting the merits of their farm system now that Baseball America has ranked them number one in the majors. Likewise, John Sickels ran his Dodgers system top 20 prospects on Saturday as promised. Here they are:
  1. Chad Billingsley, RHP, Grade A-
  2. Joel Guzman, SS-3B-OF, Grade A-
  3. Andy LaRoche, 3B, Grade B+
  4. Jonathan Broxton, RHP, B+
  5. Russell Martin, C, B+
  6. Scott Elbert, LHP, B+
  7. Blake DeWitt, 3B, B+
  8. Chin-Lung Hu, SS, B
  9. Andre Ethier, OF, B
  10. Justin Orenduff, RHP, B
  11. Etanislao Abreu, 2B, B-
  12. Delwyn Young, 2B, B-
  13. Travis Denker, 2B, B-
  14. Matt Kemp, OF, B- (grade change from C+ in the book)
  15. Blake Johnson, RHP, B-
  16. Hong Chi Kuo, LHP, B-
  17. James Loney, 1B, C+
  18. Justin Ruggiano, OF, C+ (grade change from B- in book)
  19. Anthony Raglani, OF, C+
  20. Josh Wall, RHP, C+

"The best farm system in baseball", he says, but for me, the usual caveats apply.

Rob, I agree with your comment on the minor league baseball site. Dodger prospects: believe'em when you see'em (playing well in Chavez Ravine). I hate to say it, but my gut feeling is that most -- if not all -- of them will follow Edwin Jackson's path.

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