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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pickoff Moves, Lunchtime Edition

Angels 8, Cubs 4

The Angels -- and Brandon Wood, in particular -- got a bunch of wind-assisted balls, some of which ended up over the fence. Wood's homer was of the inside-the-park variety, while Mike Napoli blasted one into the bleachers that just bounced clear of the wall. Bartolo Colón didn't get knocked around very hard, despite giving up three runs over six innings; the hardest-hit ball against him was a double by Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano. Colón's not taking his responsibilities on opening day for granted:
"It is always special to take the ball when your teammates and manager are counting on you to get things started," Colon said through an interpreter. "I always think when you make your first start, it is your Opening Day. But it will never be routine; it is always special."
Friend of 6-4-2 Al Yellon wrote a much more detailed account of the game. Tonight, the Angels will play the Giants in a split-squad game in San Francisco, a game featuring Jered Weaver as the team's starter. A nice big, dank park next to the ocean -- ought to remind him of his old home park.


Dodgers 4, Nationals 3

The thing that pops out at you in the line score is Kenny Lofton's 1-3 line, because he's having such a terrible spring -- .159/.196/.182 in 44 at bats.


Roster Notes

Karros To Provide Color For Dodgers Opener

Jerry Crasnick says Eric Karros will be in the broadcast booth in the Dodgers' opening game at home, versus the Braves.

Angels Break Off TV Negotiations With Fox

The Angels have broken off negotiations with Fox over their next TV contract.
The deal is dormant, though, after Moreno decided negotiations had reached an impasse. Although both sides agreed long ago on the basic terms — 10 years and $500 million — sources said the parties could not resolve issues surrounding emerging technologies.
Arte didn't rule out an Angels channel, and other sources from within the organization say that the negotiations could be restarted at any time. Recall that the Angels had broken off negotiations with Jered Weaver and signed him at the 11th hour, too.

Thanks for the Vero comment. That makes more sense to me now, than the idea that Vero was a Floridian Coors Field.
? Isn't Jeff Weaver pitching? This two weavers thing is just going to be hella confusing.

And it was not all that windy against the Cubs. Wood's homerun owed as much to his speed and to the practicalities of the way the ball bounced off the fielder's glove. I wasn't on the field, so I guess I can't testify to the wind levels there. But I'd have categorized the wind level in the 3rd row as average or less-than-average for Tempe Diablo.
Maya, I was going on what the announcers said at the time. Both Wood's and Napoli's home runs got sizeable assists from the wind.
The strike through feature on former Senator Joseph McCarthy was hilarious! Kudos to you. That brought a big smile to my face.

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