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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Slumpity-Slump: Thoughts On Vlad

There was an interesting subthread in yesterday's post alerting everyone to the latest Keith Law article on the Angels, and that was Matthew's comment about Vlad's slumps:
Vlad had a terrible slump last July, when he hit a meager .208/.264/.376 coming on the heels of a torrid June in which he went .443/.489/.785), and followed with a very respectable August .340/.449/.598.

This year, his bad month was June, when he went .243/.257/.408. Folks who have called it his worst slump ever have very short memories, as it was not worse than July 2005. And this year, he was just fine in May, to the tune of .330/.393/.583, and has gotten off to a nice start in July, at .367/.444/.633.

The point? Reports of his demise are greatly exaggerated. June 2006 = July 2005. Aberrations both.

Hm, maybe so, but those are on a monthly basis. Looking at his 2005 and 2006 numbers, we can get a feel for when the worst stretches of his season were. Last year, Vlad really nosed downhill from July 5 through the 24th, during which time he compiled a record of .149/.183/.299 over 17 games and 67 at bats. This year, his worst came from June 7 through the 27th, hitting .145/.250/.395 over 18 games and 76 at bats. So Vlad's slumps are getting longer in a literal though not a really meaningful sense (what's one game among friends?), and in fact he actually got a few more extra-base hits in this year's slump than he did in last year's, while actually getting on base a bit more besides. It's probably fair to call it a wash.

His scariest comp, as far as Angel fans should be concerned, is Juan Gonzalez.
So Vlad's slumps are getting longer

But isn't this just a game of window sizes? Especially since, in the June 7 through the 27th window, there was a 3-game stretch where Vlad went 4-for-12 with a double, an HR and 3 RBIs. Wouldn't that make two 'mini' slumps of a week or so with a productive series in between?

No need to answer. The question is rhetorical.

what's one game among friends?

Especially when that one "game" is only two ABs. Not very informative. I think Matthew's initial point completely holds: all players slump and this year isn't particularly different from last year for Vlad.

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