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Friday, September 29, 2006

Still Fight Left: Angels 6, A's 0

Out of the postseason? Sure, but the Angels' scrubs can still outdo the A's. Ervin Santana pitched a gem, three-hitting a depleted Oakland squad, finishing his season 16-8. On the other side, the Angels chased losing pitcher Esteban Loiaza early after giving up four runs in the first four frames. Joe Blanton, yet to get a win against the Halos in his career, came aboard to give up another run on an Adam Kennedy RBI single, and Chone Figgins got a generously scored inside-the-park home run in the eighth off Kiko Calero, as recently impressed rightfielder Hiram Bocachica misplayed the ball twice.

Tomorrow, the spectacle of Tim Salmon, and Sunday, the reality of his retirement and the end of the regular season. It's gone all too quickly; I only wish I had been healthy enough to go (I've had a cold all week, and it got worse today).

ESPN BoxRecap

We need to not lose sight of the fact that the Angels have had a great year. They're just in the wrong division and the wrong league.

This team doesn't need wholesale changes, just one bat with power we can count on, preferably in left field, and maybe a new CF and some additional help in the bullpen.
Daniel - WHAT??????

The Angels have NOT had a great year ... they've had a good year, which is better than many teams can say. Being the second best of the worst division is still being the SEVENTH BEST of 14 teams. That's an "F," my friend.

If you think they are one bat and a CF away, then I've got a luxury box behind home plate to sell you. What's the line, they're one bat away if that bat is Babe Ruth ... ?
Well, whether or not you consider the year good or great, the Angels currently have the 7th best record in the majors (that's 30 teams). Not only that, but the AL West has the best winning percentage in the entire majors and does not have a losing record against ANY division. I would say that that makes a fairly strong case for the AL West the best division in the majors, not the worst. So, the Angels have the 2nd best record in the TOUGHEST division in the majors. They had to compete for the wild card with teams that have 20 games against teams like the Orioles, Devil Rays, Royals, and Indians.

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