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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Will Carroll: Cubs Near To Aramis Ramirez Extension

According to Will Carroll, the Cubs have all but finished drying the ink on an extension for Aramis Ramirez:
Aunt Jemima (Atlanta): If Aramis Ramirez leaves the Cubs as a free agent, any chance the Cubs would be smart enough to pick up Edwin Encarnacion, a player that the Reds seem to unappreciate? Which guy would they be better off with?

Will Carroll: I don't think Ramirez will leave. In fact, I think the deal's essentially done to keep him.

Encarnacion? Sure, Krivsky traded Lopez and Kearns but that doesn't mean that every GM can pillage his roster, does it?

If you were thinking, as I was, that the Angels might have a shot at picking him up in the offseason, well, maybe not.

Well, if Will Carroll is reporting it, I think we can pretty much start fitting Aramis for a uniform.
I agree (if I sense your sarcasm correctly, chronicler). Will Carroll reporting a rumor holds about as much water as John Kruk's "analysis" on Baseball Tonight.

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