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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another 3B Bites The Dust: D-Rays Win Iwamura Rights

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Devil Rays have won the bidding for Akinori Iwamura. Dallas McPherson may yet have a job in Anaheim next year...

I didn't realize that the D-Rays needed a 3B. Actually, don't they have that position pretty much covered?

Rob, had you read whether the Angels even submitted a bid for Iwamura? If they didn't, then this story is of no significance to the Angels.
The article says the Padres, Indians, and Red Sox all were outbid.

The Angels still need to solidify 3B and CF. That's why it's relevant.
But the point is that if the Angels didn't even submit a bid, he was already unavailable the moment the deadline to submit a bid passed, so he was off the table (from the Angels' perspective) even before the bids were opened.
I don't follow you. Even if the Angels hadn't placed a bid, they still should have.
I think you are both right - Had Ramirez announced his deal with CHN prior to the closing of the Iwamura bidding, the Angels surely would have posted - but they didn't want to be stuck with two exbensive 3Bmen...
I'm more curious about the domino effect this causes in TB. I don't know what their plan with Iwamura is, but if they hand him the 3b job, where does that leave BJ Upton? From what I understand, they seem pretty content with their Crawford, Baldelli, and Delmon Young outfield, with Elija Dukes the leading candidate to DH. While the latter two of that group have had some well documented behavioral problems, the Rays seem to be growing less and less fond of Upton. From what I've read, scouts seem to think he could take to centerfield rather easily (but of course who knows). After he struggled last year, and with there seemingly no room for him in Tampa, is it too far out to think the Angles could swing a deal for him? He's certainly young enough that his star couldn't have completely diminished. What would you give up for him, if anything?

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