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Monday, November 27, 2006

Rosenthal: Dodgers Near Randy Wolf Deal

We don't report 'em, we just pass 'em on. One year, allegedly. We'll see.

Update: Now on MLB.com, citing Wolf's desire to go home as a reason for signing with the Dodgers. That makes sense, but I fairly expect to see a lot more free agents actually thinking about more short term deals as a possible way of gaming the market; this makes sense, especially if you're a young player with a fairly well-established track record, e.g. J.D. Drew.

Update 2: The Times says the deal is for one year and $7.5M with a vesting option for a second year based on innings pitched.

Randy Wolf can be a good pitcher, actually. Check out his list of comps on baseball-reference.com. He represents a significant upgrade from Aaron Sele and Mark Hendrickson, certainly.

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