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Sunday, December 17, 2006

DePodesta's Revenge

So now we learn that J.D. Drew has a shoulder problem that might sap him of his power (h/t Jon), but the Red Sox will likely sign him anyway with some sort of legal prophylactic. Without endorsing the deal, it appears that the Dodgers' original contract may have ended up about as well as I could have imagined it; despite his injured 2005, he played well in 2006. Still, if he becomes a different version of Shawn Green, chalk one up to Paul DePodesta for giving Scott Boras everything he wanted, and less. Boras was not going to settle for a two-year deal, but DePo got all the benefits of one anyway. Whether he knew Drew would take the bait is still a subject for speculation, but let us never forget that money is Scott Boras's principle motivator. Leaving a Boras client an out is like putting a moth in front of a bug light.

That's crazy, you're saying that Depo made a good contract because he dodged a bullet due to pure luck. The opt out only favours Drew and Boras. If Drew's shoulder had turned to mush earlier, or if Boras had done some full physicals before he made him opt out, the Dodgers would have been stuck with him. Or if the market hadn't turned up. Talk about hindsight trading. An error is an error. Either you think it was a good contract and you're annoyed Drew opted out or it's a bad contract and you got lucky. There's no middle ground here.
"Luck". Look at Drew's medical track record, combine it with Boras's aggressiveness, and tell me again that was "luck".

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