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Friday, December 29, 2006

Dickey-Stephens, A Ballpark In Progress

Whilst stationed in Arkansas for the holidays, I thought I'd go over and take a gander at the in-progress Dickey-Stephens ballpark, new home of the Angels' Texas League affiliate Travelers. Bill Valentine was nice enough to let me come by with my camera and show how things are going; so far, it looks like they're on schedule for opening day. You can see the slide show here. It's going to be a great park.

Incidentally, you can see the satellite view of the new park's location at Google Maps; the main entrance is on the southwest corner of N. Broadway St. and W. Broadway Ave. The Broadway Bridge to the west crosses the Arkansas River, to the south of the park.

Cool Stuff. The site lines look fantastic.
I spent many evenings in my youth at Ray Winder Field (60s) watching the Travelers play (they were the Cards Texas League team then). My grandparents lived in Little Rock and were huge fans. Winder was old then, they would have loved going to the new ballpark.

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