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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Looking At Hank Conger's Swing

Jeff Albert, who's written several pieces for the Baseball Analysts, has a new one up about the swings of young players; like Carlos Gomez before, he's very enthusiastic about Hank Conger's swing.
With apologies to Chris Parmalee, who appears to also have developed a high-level swing, Conger just jumped right out in terms of comparison to a guy like David Wright. In any case, the issue is how the player uses his body to swing the bat. Conger looks quick and efficient, producing both bat speed and quickness, similar to Wright.
Considering Wright has become a franchise player in New York, that's no small compliment.

Fascinating article. It shows why scouting is still the key to player analysis. Putting Conger next to Wright (and others) indicates sound technique.

It would be interesting to see comparisons with other Angel prospects, such as Wood, Kotchman, and McPherson. Are Wood's and McPherson's high strikeout rates due to flaws in their swing? Or lack of pitch recognition? Or just their approach? Just as important, does Mickey Hatcher know?

As my high school football coach used to say, "Kodak don't lie."

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