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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Roster Notes

Various and sundry...

I forsee lots of the following in the Rangers bully next year: "hey, I could close this one!" "Sitdown, Eric; we're down by 12 and there's 2 outs!"
While I like McCarthy, I think Danks is more than "what McCarthy is now in a few years." For one, Danks came out of high school, whereas McCarthy came out of college, and the Texas system, like the Angels, is full of terrible parks and leagues to pitch in, not so in the White Sox system. So, I guess I'm more impressed by his track record than McCarthy's, as impressive as his is.

I guess what trying to say is that Danks has a higher ceiling AND is closer to being ready than your giving him credit for. I think a better comparison is between, say Ethier and Kemp. One guy is ready to start now, and the other might/probably needs some time in AAA, but has a higher ceiling.

My main problem, now, with McCarthy is his FB tendencies in Arlington. I think McCarthy's ceiling looks more like a RH-Barry Zito. Danks; like a LH-Jason Schmidt.
I think that the Rangers came out winners in this deal. I worked this summer as an intern for the Frisco Roughriders and got to see Danks pitch quite a bit. I really don't see why everyone loves Danks so much. People rave that he'll be a #1 or #2 starter but I seriously doubt that. In my opinion he'll be a reliever who can stick around for quite a few years. Danks lacked alot of consistency this past summer. One game he would be great, the next start he would be shelled. Danks was only rated the top prospect in the Rangers system because the entire system is so thin from top to bottom.
Hey Rob - you listed Danks as a RHP prospect - he's a LHP...

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