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Friday, December 22, 2006

You've Gotta Get Up Pretty Early To Beat The Angels

... or to lose to them. The Boston Red Sox have received permission to schedule their Patriot's Day game to 10:00 AM. That would be 7:00 AM PST on April 16. Their current schedule has the Sunday game starting at 2:05, but the new start time comes with a stipulation that the Sunday game must start no later than 1:05. Hope for a rainout. (Hat tip: BTF.)

Does anybody have any idea what they mean when they keep referring to the "reason" fro starting an hour earlier? It says that the Boston Marathon is startaing at 10:00 AM, as if that's the reason. What des the Marathon have to do with it? Is that on the same day, or a different day? If it's the same day, why do they need to start at the same time? If it's a duiferent day, why do they need to start at the same time? Not much of a newspaper article that doesn't explain a thing. Is there some reason why absolutely no one in Boston would need further explanation?

Mystified in California
The Red Sox game and the Marathon are supposed to start around the same time. It's a big deal there. The Boston Marathon is always run on Patriots Day, which is a legal holiday in Massachusetts (third Monday in April) and commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord.
In the old days, when baseball games took two hours, the Red Sox could start the game at 11 and fans could get out in time to watch the leaders come through Kenmore square. Starting the game at 10, since they take about three hours now, allows the same. I don't think the running Marathon starts at 10, I think the wheelchair racers start then.
I stand corrected. The Marathon is starting at 10 AM. I think the Red Sox should start the game at 2 PM, so people can see the race before they come to the ballpark.
Check the route of the Marathon, you will see that it runs close to the park. This is most likely more of a traffic consideration as in they start the game at the same time as the marathon starts so that there is less congestion getting in and out of the city.
You're forgetting that Boston bills itself as The Hub of the Universe. Why should they have to explain anything to anyone else?

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