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Monday, January 01, 2007

Birthdays, Yesterday And Today

Stuck in O'Hare and almost didn't get out of Little Rock thanks to bad weather in Denver and Dallas... phew...


Fats Dantonio BRO b. 1918, played 1944-1945, d. 1993-05-28

Jim Murray BRO b. 1900, played 1922, d. 1973-07-15. I wonder if the late Times columnist knew he shared a name with a bit player who spent six innings in the Show.

Ken Rowe LAN b. 1933, played 1963

Joe Simpson LAN b. 1951, played 1975-1978


Kevin Beirne LAN b. 1974, played 2002

Ned Garvin BRO b. 1874, played 1902-1904, d. 1908-06-16

Hack Miller BRO b. 1894, played 1916, d. 1971-09-17

Charlie Schmutz BRO b. 1892, played 1914-1915, d. 1962-06-27


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