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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

KCAL 9 To Present All Dodger Games In HDTV

KCAL 9 will launch a new HDTV channel, available at channel 409 on Time-Warner lineups. All remaining Lakers games will be broadcast on that channel, including any playoff games, and all of its Dodgers' 2007 season will be broadcast in HD. About fargin' time. Now if only we could convince FSN and Prime Ticket to do the same for the Dodgers and Angels...

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I noticed while flipping through channels that the new channel lineup has something called FSNHD. Is that actually a fox sports net HD channel, and will they broadcast games?
As the Beach Boys said, "Wouldn't it be nice..."?
Followup: According to the Time-Warner channel lineup (PDF), FSNHD isn't anywhere in the lineup. On the other hand, they don't show 409 as being the KCAL-HD channel, either.
Yeah, I noticed it's not on their website either. But, it's definitely a channel on my guide. Although, all the programming is "off air" and is just a test signal. It would be nice.
Adam, do you have Time-Warner? And if so, are you a former Adelphia/Comcast customer? We have had Time-Warner for ages (back to the days it was Paragon Cable). I'm not seeing FSNHD on my guide at all.
And I guess I should also ask, are you in the metro LA area?
It's not on the channel guide, but 413 definitely is FSN in HD. It only shows their HD broadcasts, though, not normal programming. The UCLA game is on it tonight.

I don't know what implications, if any, this will have for the Angels -- but I can hope.
Can you still get HD on TimeWarner if you are stealing cable? Oh, it is for a friend of course...
Yeah, I'm in west LA, a former comcast customer. It's definitely a channel, I sure hope the UCLA game will be on it tonight.
Well, that was disapointing. When the UCLA game finally came on FSNHD, it took forever to load the channel, and then it would stall often. And, there was no sound at all. That wouldn't be much of a problem for Angels games, but it'd spoil Scully and Dodgers. Oh, well...I hope they fix it. The picture was awesome.
I saw that, didn't stick around for the whole game, so I missed the audio crashing. But yeah, coolio on the feed even existing.

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