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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pickoff Moves

Yesterday's Birthdays

Busy all day with no time to post much of anything after about 10:00...

Bob Barrett BRO b. 1899, played 1925, 1927, d. 1982-01-18

Bob Borkowski BRO b. 1926, played 1955

Gil Hatfield BRO b. 1855, played 1893, d. 1921-05-27

Fred Heimach BRO b. 1901, played 1930-1933, d. 1973-06-01

Bert Inks BRO b. 1871, played 1891-1892, d. 1941-10-03

Mike Overy CAL b. 1951, played 1976. I guess he must have needed more help egging him on, because he only pitched in five games over seven and a third innings.

Nick Willhite CAL,LAN b. 1941, played 1963-1967

Today's Birthdays

Joe Beckwith LAN b. 1955, played 1979-1980, 1982-1983, 1986. A freak spring training accident knocked him out of the 1981 season when his vision in one eye was damaged; doctors fixed it by reducing the vision in his other eye. The Dodgers shipped him to the Royals in 1984, and there he spent two of the best years of his brief career, helping Kansas City to win two division titles and a World Series ring in 1985. He came back in 1986, but was no longer effective.

Bill Doak BRO b. 1891, played 1924, 1927-1928, d. 1954-11-26

Lyn Lary BRO b. 1906, played 1939, d. 1973-01-09

Stu Pederson LAN b. 1960, played 1985

Bryan Ward ANA b. 1972, played 2000

Troy Percival Building The UC Riverside Baseball Team A Clubhouse

Troy Percival is building the UC Riverside baseball team a new clubhouse with his own hands, according to the new Baseball America blog.
The other day, I got a call from a scout in southern California who wanted me to know about something special going on at UC Riverside. Longtime big league closer Troy Percival, a UC Riverside product, was helping to build the Highlanders a new clubhouse. He wasn’t just helping to finance the project–he was doing the heavy lifting, the actual construction.

“A lot of people would not even know this was going on, but he was putting his own money in and breaking his back,” the scout said. “He’s doing everything–wiring it, putting in all the lockers.”

The Highlanders play at 2,500-seat Riverside Sports Complex, the former California League home of Padres and Mariners affiliates. UC Riverside has been trying to upgrade the facility every year to keep pace with improved facilities at conference foes Cal State Fullerton, Long Beach State, UC Irvine, Cal Poly and Pacific. Percival, who still lives in Riverside, volunteered to help with the project, which should be completed this week. UCR coach Doug Smith said Percival has really thrown himself into the project.

“I came in early one morning to get some stuff done–6:45 a.m. on a Sunday morning–and I hear something in the other room, and there Troy is patching and painting,” Smith said. “You don’t see a lot of guys do that who have had the career that Troy has had. They may be very generous with their money, but maybe less so with their time. His time is so valuable to us–it really overshadows everything. It’s good for our players for him to hang around, so they can be accustomed to being around a big league guy and see how he goes about his business.”

Thanks to Josh in the comments for the heads-up.

Nolan Ryan Expected To Leave Hospital

Nolan Ryan was expected to leave the hospital Saturday, according to his son Reid, who said his father is "feeling great."

Roster Notes

You're welcome. I didn't want to have to start my own Angels blog to get that out. :-)

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